Bloomberg H1B 200k workers Lose Status - Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil, your are right about the exponential number of 200k. But the basic issue here is 60 day period to find another employer, which is close to impossible, given the job market. Many employers are shutting their doors due to loss of business. Tough for the H1Bs. Preference is OPT/CPT. Now that there is no travel for leaving the country. Air travel to India is closed. 45 days of the 60 day bracket is completed in job search, since they first implemented lock down. The alternatives lie in COS to B2 or other or applying for extension of stay. There is no blanket extension of the 60 day period if I am right. Panic is for maintaining the status of stay.
I agree that the Indian news channels are throwing all sorts of garbage for creating sensitive news on H1B. The article also fail to project solutions, but focused on threat.

Indian News channels, specially those gossip loving websites are indulging in this fear mongering.

If you are due for a renewal of H1B, and currently employed residing in US, USCIS is extending the I-94 date for 240 days when filed in time. That mean you will get 8 month extension. No need to panic

USCIS can go and take a hike. President Trump is determined to put American workers first. Most H1-Bs used system loopholes to be in US, and 98% are useless walking around with fake “talent that can not be found” attitude. Dream on for 240 days extension as it was all hype some dude made on Internet. There is no 240 days extension ever discussed on political table. Those Indian news are right, and they are warning H1-Bs to start packing their bags. They all are going home soon.