Calculate my relevant work experience asserted by Engineers Australia

Hello Anil,

Can you please help me calculate my relevant work experience asserted by Engineers Australia

BTech – Mechanical Engineering
Pass out – May 2012

Applying for : Professional Engineer ANZSCO 233512
Work Ex
Comp 1: July 2012 - Feb 2016 (Senior Engineer- Mech) (EA Considered experience up to March 2015 but I have all the supporting documents including Tax statements up to Feb 2016 so I am claiming this experience up to Feb 2016 in my EOI)
Comp 2: Feb 2016 - June 2017 (QC Welding Inspector- UAE) (Accepted by Engineers Australia)
Comp 3: August 2017 to Nov 2018 (QC Welding Inspector- Oman) (EA did not accept this as my profession on visa is mentioned as Assistant. Welder. But I worked for the company as QC Welding Inspector- Appointment Letter, Reliving letter states the same.)
Comp 4: March 2019 - till date (Senior Engineer- Inward Inspection) (Skill Assessment not done yet.)

When updating in EOI I am getting only 5 points in my experience when calculated from 30-July-2012 to 30 June 2017. My experience is a month shorter to claim 10 points in EOI which is delaying the process.

Do i need to do re assessment with EA again ?

Please suggest me how to approach in this case as I am having 70 points now. If experience gets considered means I will be having 75 pints in hand. I filed my EOI for 70 points in Dec 2018. Waiting for invite.

Kindly suggest.

You can file for re-assessment if you think there was a mistake or you think you have more documents to support your work claims.

That’s the only way of claiming points.

If you claim more than what is assessed as ‘relevant’ by Engineers Australia, the chances are high that your application will be rejected later by Australia Immigration case officer and you may lose your time and money.