Can assessment be done from both vetassess and ACS, since I've had 2 different jobs in last 18 yrs

Can assessment be done from both vetassess and ACS, since I’ve had 2 different jobs in last 18 yrs?
And if its done, how can the points from both be used towards EoI?

I don’t think it will work out, because of my observations below

  1. As EOIs are lodged primarily based on ANZSCO code
  2. You will be assessed on the ANZSCO code you select by the respective assessing agencies.
  3. There is a certain amount of experience in the past that will be considered either by assessing agencies or skillselect itself (@Anil.Gupta to clarify this please)

Presuming, you have a partner or married, you should base your decision on the feasibility of claiming additional points for skills.

Good Luck

Thanks Vivek! It has happened so that my past experience ICT Project Manager is to be assessed by ACS, whereas current experience (since last 5+ years) is in Contract Administration which is to be assessed by VETASSESS.

So, are we saying that only one could be considered to get points in order apply for EoI? Would I have to let go of one cuz of another?

You can lodge multiple EOIs Once you have a positive Skills assessment outcome.


Though you have a number of years of experience, you should consider work experience relevance to your education (deduction of work experience years during skills assessment will depend on roles and responsibilities against your education)

And there is point 3 (Mentioned in my previous reply) on how far back assessment agencies will accept to assess. (@Anil.Gupta)

It’s tricky in my opinion, unless you want to consider my phrase “ roles and responsibilities overlap”


Hi @varun

I agree with @v.chow.
You can only choose one ANZSCO code and can only use 1 assessment in your EOI at this time.

You have to forego one. My suggestion is to choose the one which gives you more points for work experience.

Yes , you can do the same. if you have same relevant exp .

Alright, thanks Anil! Much appreciated.

However, it has to be current as well I believe, must be acquired during last 10 years I presume. Isn’t that correct? That’ll create challenge.

Hi @varun

The rules of time period vary by assessment agency.

ACS considers both i.e. last 10 years or total experience based on certain rules.