Can H4 Dependent go alone for Visa Stamping without Primary H1B?

My wife and kid are going for their visa stamping next month, will there be any issue if my spouse and kid alone go for stamping because I’m in the USA currently and I’ve valid I-797 only not valid stamping. Will VO ask any question why your spouse didn’t come for an interview or why he doesn’t have valid stamping and if he asks what’s the valid reason we should provide?

Appreciated your help!

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There is absolutely no issue with H4 dependent going alone for visa stamping.

Just make sure that H4 carries the H1B documents. Use this H4 visa stamping document checklist.

Thank you for your prompt response Anil!

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I was planning for the same. Was sending my wife and kid for stamping, however my attorney told me that Dropbox appointment for minor can not be completed without h1b stamped, is that accurate ?? Can someone confirm??

Hi @anil_am22
Thank you for the answer. How about if the H1 holder is also outside US, in such case can the H4 go first to get the stamping before H1 gets stamped?