Can H4 Work From Home If H4 EAD is Delayed, Get payment in Canada or India?

Hi All.

I am preparing to file for H1 Extension+H4 extension+ H4 EAD extension under PP. the expiry date is 3/30/2020 for my documents. i realize i have already wasted close to 2.5 months. but it was due to some issue going on with my employers law firm. now those issues are sorted out and i am prepared to apply. i wanted to know what are my chances of getting h4 and h4 ead applied prior to 3/2020. any inputs and experiences are highly appreciated.

Also, my wife works for a company that has offices in Canada and India (we have our Canadian PR). If she does not get her extension on time, can she WFH from the US and get paid in INR or CAD?

Once again any inputs greatly appreciated. Looking for support and closure from my fellow countrymen at this time of uncertainty. its causing a lot of unwarranted anxiety. As always, hoping all of this bad political climate is balanced by some good news for all us.

H4 Cannot Work Legally

US immigration law works on the basis of physical location of the person. If you are working from USA without an H4 EAD permit, it is considered illegal irrespective of where you get the payment for your work.

But, it is probably difficult to track. Talk to your employer. If they are a big entity, they will not agree to it either.

So, use your best judgement.

Processing time for H4 EAD after Biometric

It is taking anywhere between 3-6 months for H4 EAD to get approved after biometrics.