Can i book slot for H4 while my H1b Stamping is in 221g

Hi Anil,
When i went to the Consular Interview I received 221 g white slip ticked with your application requires additional administrative processing its first time H1B stamping. My employer received mail from USCIS to submit clint and roles and responsibilities,employer replied back to that mail. it’s been more then 3 updates as of now.
Now I am thinking to apply for H4, while login in to its showing close application and start new application if I click on it its showing “This action will permanently close any applications, including Group or Emergency requests You can use your existing valid visa fee receipt to create a new application, and you can re-add your dependents” Can I click on yes and create new application ?

  1. If I cancel and create new application, is it going to affect the current H1b which is under administrative processing ?
    2.How to create new application and schedule visa interview for H4?
  2. If I cancel and create new application for H4 and if I go for Consular interview what are the chances of getting again administrative processing for H4?
    I don’t know how much time it will take.

It is allowed to apply another type of visa while an existing one is pending.

How to do it on usavisascheduling website? - please contact their customer care.

The H1B 221g seems to be job related, hence, as per my opinion, it should not affect the H4 application.

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Hello Anil,

My Dependents had a dropbox appointment in chennai. They dropped documents at hyderabad

Documents asked:

  1. appointment conf( stamped and gave it back after verification)
  2. passports
  3. ds160
  4. primary applicant last visa copy
  5. marriage cert
  6. asked if primary applicant is in same company and asked for previous i797 ( they took current i797 , verified something on screen and gave it back)
  7. phots

won’t they need primary latest i797 for stamping?

I guess its okay if they already verified the i797 information.

Hi @anil_am22
I checked with customer care,
They said they can process only one application at a time, If you create new application for H4, H1b will be withdrawn automatically.
If we want to create a new application, we need to close the existing one.
[] is only for scheduling interviews right, will it affect h1b if we close and create new application for H4.

I know people who have applied H4 while H1B was pending with form 221g at embassy.

I guess you can take that calculated risk. Its your choice at the end of the day. This is not a legal advice as I am not a lawyer.

Sorry for asking continually
If I want to apply for H4 need to close the current application and start a new application this is the only option we have right.
Thanks in advance.