Can i create another EOI with same email id?

Hi Anil,

My EOI is expiring on 5th march 2020. I am still waiting for my invitation(I have submitted EOI for 190 with 90 points for 261314 Software Tester).

So can i submit multiple EOI’s for same ANZSCO code? If ‘Yes’, then can i create another EOI with same email id? Because i don’t see option to create new EOI with existing account.

I don’t think you can create another EOI with same email ID.

So in that case i have to create new EOI with different ID. But i can create 2 different EOI’s for same ANZSCO code and same state( i have selected state as ‘any’ in my current EOI), right?


Why would you want to create separate EOI for same state? What benefit will you get by doing this?

What I have read somewhere is that if I don’t get invited till march, then anyways I would need to create new EOI. During these two months, if someone with the same profession and same points updates their EOI or submits new EOI, then those people would be ahead of me in the queue of getting invitation.

So if there is no harm in creating new EOI, then why not submit new EOI now only.

What do you think?

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Hi @Nakul_Rathi

I am not aware of any such thing. Sounds like a rumor.

Okay. Thanks @Anil.Gupta

Hello @Nakul_Rathi,

Have you submitted your EOI for QLD on Nov 25/26? You had good chance there for 261314-Software Tester.

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

@ratheeshpd: I have selected state as ‘any’ in my EOI and I had updated EOI in December I guess.
But software tester(261314) is not eligible for Queensland.

Can you please check below URL:

Hello Nakul,

I’m not sure how “Any” state selection would work. But QLD opened only for less than 24 hours on Nov-25, 2019 for 190 EOIs. They clearly mentioned they would select only new EOIs submitted only on that date. In their job codes, Software Tester was there. So you need to be more vigilant when the states open next time.

Also it’s written in Queensland site that " For Queensland State nomination, submit an EOI with SkillSelect. Please ensure all information, such as work experience, is included in your EOI. Preference will be given to applicants who select “Queensland” as their nominating state of choice over applicants who select ‘ANY’ state"

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

@ratheeshpd so did you get the invite from Queensland?

Hello Nakul,

I didn’t get and still waiting for. Not sure will get or not. Point is 80+5 and heard that their quota is very limited. Would update you if any luck.

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

How do you track such things like you mentioned above that Queensland had opened slots for software testing only on 25/26 November?

Only way is to actively look and follow BSMQ webpage, facebook and other social media forums etc.

I have also the same doubt

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