Can I enter US with previous company visa stamp?

My visa stamp from previous employer is valid till August-2019 but they revoked visa in July 2018.

I have approved I797 from my current employer.

I am traveling to India this month and coming back on first week of July.

I have below questions.

  1. Do I need to go for stamping? Can I enter US with previous company visa stamp?

  2. If I need to go for stamping can I do dropbox.?

  3. Does my wife needs to go for biometrics to do dropbox?

You can use old Employer H1B visa stamp to enter USA.

Both H1B and H4 need to go for Biometric if you are applying for visa stamp in US embassy.
It does not matter whether it is dropbox or interview.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for responding.

You are always very helpful.

Will they do biometric in drop off location itself? Or we need to book appointment for it separately?



Hi @praveenadg

You follow the same process as you do for visa interview except that you don’t appear for visa interview.

I think they take Biometric fingerprints the same day.

Sequence of event happen —

  1. Current Passport Stamped with Old Employer A- Till April 2021 with Old Employer.
  2. Job Changed - H1b Transfer - Approved - Employer B - Till August 2021
  3. Planning to Travel to India in Dec 2020 and come back in January 2021

- Do I need go for stamping ? (My Understanding is NO)
My understanding - I can travel back to USA on old stamped visa of Employer A

Will I and my H4 get new I-94 date till Aug 2021 when reentering USA ? (My Understanding is NO)**

Hi @H1InfoNeeded

You can enter US using old Employer H1B visa stamp.

Both you and H4 can get new extended i94 based on new i797 from new employer.

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Thank you. This really helps.

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Hi Anil, hope you’re doing fine amid the Covid situation.

I wanted to know if it’s possible to travel with a valid Stamped visa of an employer from whom I resigned in Jan 2020 ( the petetion was not revoked by my previous employer when I resigned in Jan).

Hi Anil,

Can you please help me with the below situation.? Am on H1B and recently changed my employer in US after my H1B approval. Now am planning to bring my spouse into the US with the valid stamped H4 visa (valid till Nov’21) annotate by my former employer. Meanwhile my former employer is planning to withdraw my H1B which they sponsored. Will it be an issue for my spouse while in POE into the US.?


Hi Anil

Quick Question - I am planning to do H1B transfer from Company A to B - My Current H1B Visa Stamped till 2023 Dec with Company A. So Once I Got approval through Company B - Am I good to travel to India in 2022 (Dont need stamping right?) Also My wife Has H4 EAD & Visa Stamped till 2023 (through Company A) & working, So she also can travel india in 2022 right ? ( no stamping needed right?)

Yes, no stamping needed of you have a valid visa at the time of entering to the US.Just carry all other required documents like I-797, employment verification letter, most recent paystubs etc