Can I file H1B Transfer + H4 + H4 NEW EAD in premium processing

Hello, I have my I-140 approved and planning to join a new employer. Is it possible to file H1B transfer and New H4 EAD in premium processing.

You can file H1B in premium and add H4 and EAD in same application package.

Hi Anil,

My husband’s H1B and my H4 both filled together in premium processing. My husband got receipt number starting with IOE… but mine starting with EAC… He got his H1B approved today.

Will my H4 also will be approved quickly ??
Is the difference Receipt number prefix means my H4 petition will be handled differently with normal processing ?

Just be patient and wait for few days. USCIS has been approving H4 almost at the same time ( could be few days apart) as H1B if applied under premium processing and sent in rhe same packet. Processing centers codes dont really matter much as IOE is assigned to efiled applications which may be the H1B filing attorney.

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