Can i file multiple 491 visa for western Australia, Queensland and South Australia?


  1. Can i file multiple 491 visa for western Australia, Queensland and South Australia?

  2. Also, will i be able to file 491 visa after 11.59pm on 15th November that is 12 midnight on 16th November?


You can file multiple EOI for 491 visa.

I don’t know when the Skillselect system would be updated to allow you to file EOI.

I hope you will come back and share with us once you are able to find out the information.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
The skill select was not working till now but is working now. But the confusion is that no websites including western australia, Queensland, South Australia etc. Have submitted their occupation list so can we still file eoi?

Skill select is back up.
I just completed my EOI for 491.
Anybody know if there are any details on its minimum points yet?

@TinaE i am in the process of filing it with 90 points for marketing specialist for Queensland. For which state and job profile did you submit the 491 visa and at what points? Did you file multiple eois?

@Anil.Gupta the bsmq website says - Please do not submit your EOI until the program is officially opened.

Actually i have already submitted eoi 491 visa for Queensland. Shall i remove it?


You can keep it there or submit again when the program reopens.

Hi Anil,

is there a list to findout which city is regional or not? I read somewhere except melbourne, brisbane and sydney rest of the australia is considered regional. Is this correct ? If i apply for 491 for ACT region ,does that mean i can work anywhere in that state? i see there are some opportunities for my skill under 261313 job code.(especially in canberra)

Hi @Ramyarakesh

You are right, all cities are considered regional except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You have to work and live in that particular regional area that sponsored you.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Good day!

My query is related to 491 EOI filing. I have already submitted EOI for 189 and 190 at 85 and 90 points respectively for occupation code 263312 telecom network engineer. I am planning to file a separate EOI for 491 visa. My real sister is a 189 PR holder and is about to move to Adelaide next month, which I believe comes under regional area. In such a case, will I be eligible for filing EOI for 491 visa? Already went through the immigration site for 491 visa requirement, but still want to be sure if there are any special requirements for family sponsor under 491 visa.

Thank you,

Hi @Varnika_Bassi

There are no special requirements apart from what is mentioned on official Australia immigration website for 491.

Thank you for the response, Anil.