Can i have 2 h1b stamps active same time on different states for immigration

i have a existing h1b which i am planning to transfer to other employer , also another consultant filed my h1b and processing is ongoing.
both are going through premium process
since i am in india without job in states as of today my status is on hold.
can i clear the immegration , please suggest.

If both H1B petitions are approved, you can decide which employer to join and use the approval notice to apply for visa. You can use inly one approval notice for visa stamping.
Once visa is approved you can travel to the US and work for the H1B employer.

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Thankyou for the information,

For my friend he is CAP EXEMPT looking for sponsorship kindly suggest good consultant who can pay good salary having experience in SPARK DATABRICKS.

He/she need to job search on some popular job sites. This is a forum for immigration related Q&A.

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