Can I leave Australia after lodge application for 189?

Currently I am in Australia. I have applied for 485 in May’21 and since then I am on bridging visa A. Recently in July’21, I received invitation to apply for 189. I have already lodged the application for 189 which has given me a non-active status of bridging visa C; since I lodged 485 first, so still on bridging visa A from 485. Upon withdrawal of 485, bridging visa C should be active.

For 189, I have completed all requirement but the medical examination which might not be completed until lockdown lift if i undergo medical test in victoria Australia.

My plan is I leave back to my country (for a few personal reasons) and complete the medical examination for 189 and withdraw 485. Then, I can wait for 189 to be granted. I am okay to wait a little longer (~1.5 yrs). I understand that the grant will be delayed since I am offshore.

I need suggestion to clarify is if this plan is feasible and comply with the conditions of 189 and my situation?

Thank you very much for your time in advance

This is feasible only if you get the exemption to leave Australia. You might need a strong evidence of why are you leaving.
Secondly, yes you will be considered offshore for your 189 visa processing and that will ultimately delay your grant.

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Thank you for suggestion.
Before leaving Australia, I think it is best to just get at least either 485 or 189 then apply for exemption to leave.

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