Can I live and work in another regional area after getting 491 grant

Hi, I am currently offshore with 95+5 for 190, 90 for 189 and 110 points for 491. I am a software engineer. As I am offshore and I am losing 5 points for age after August 2022, I have decided to apply for 491 NSW ( Murray) and Canberra matrix which are open for offshore now. My agent says I have a high chance getting invite in this window for 491. My worrying part is about IT jobs in Murray region. As living and staying in the region is part of the agreement, I am doubtful whether I chose the right decision. My agent kept telling me that except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I can live and work anywhere. Is this true? I am happy to live and work in Murray too. But my limited search is not showing IT jobs there. Could you please guide.