Can I make another EOI for GTI after my first one was rejected with a standard response?

I had created an EOI for the Global Talent Independent visa (AgTech sector) last year in Feb, but it was rejected four months later:
" Your Expression of Interest (EOI) has been assessed against all relevant target sectors outlined in s499 Ministerial Direction no.89 . We have assessed that the information you have provided does not adequately demonstrate that you meet the Global Talent Visa program eligibility. This EOI is now closed and there are no review rights for this decision."

My research is on fruitflies and ants with indirect applications in Agricultural Biology as they are pests in some cases. I have a Ph.D. from Australia and 3 years post-PhD experience as a researcher in the USA.

I am considering hiring a lawyer and revising my application. Am I eligible to make another EOI this year for a GTI visa?

You can submit as many EOIs as you want. No harm in that.


hi ravindra, my EOI was just rejected so i wanna see if you have successfully re-submit yours? Thx in adavnce!

I have been preparing my application again to re-submit it myself. I will probably apply this month. I am just going to take a chance; If they reject, they reject.
What sector did you apply for?
Are you also waiting for 189 visa as well?

Iā€™m applying for Digitech and submitted EOI myself, just not sure if anyone can submit again after rejection.

BTW, good luck to your resubmission.

I think you can submit it again. They actually ask whether you had submitted an application before. So I guess they expect some people to submit again. But then if nothing has changed from the first application, the chances are high that they may reject it again.
I am trying to see how best I can improve my previous application.
I am also waiting for the Canadian Express Entry visa (which will re-open in July for Skilled Workers stream). So if my Aussie GTI gets rejected, I will go for the Canadian one.