Can I reduce/ remove my employer details while filing a new h1b transfer?


a) When I send my documents to USCIS for H1B transfer, will they compare my old employment details while filing for the new H1B?
b) Will there be any chance of rejection on H1B transfer if the employers are reduced?
ex: I am in US for 10 years in H1B and I applied for low profile job and got selected.
I have to remove the 4 years of my past experience and new employer is going to file my H1B.
I used the EXemployer info in my prior H1B filing.
Will it impact if I remove the employer details while filing for the new H1B?

Whether you remove the information from subsequent filings or not, if the information being removed was disclosed in past petitions, it will be on USCIS records.

I would suggest not changing any facts however always discuss this kind of issues with your immigration lawyer.

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