Can I see status of USCIS service request online for H1B case?

Hi Anil,
Can we able to see the status of service request online which was raised for my H1B extension?

Thanks in advance !!


Use this to check status (it should work for service request too):

If it does not work, then create a log in on USCIS website. Then, add your service request number and then it should show you the status.

Thanks for quick response, but i can’t able to see the status in both places. The SR no. is like SR(11 digit number)CSC. for an example SR11111111111CSC . But both website not allowing full SR number. please advice.

Ohh sorry, when you create a log in on USCIS website, then you need to add your actual receipt number (of actual pending H1B or EAD etc) there.
Once you add the receipt number, you should be able to see the 'service request (SR11111111111CSC) details in ‘Case history’.

Case history would show they raised a service request or something similar status.

That’s the only way to see it.
Let me know if you are able to see it.

No I can’t able to see SR details in the case history… SR was created on last week Friday. please advice.

The, the chances are that it has not yet been moved further. You need to wait.
You will receive an email too as soon as some action is taken on your service request.

My bad… anyway thanks for your time to help me out in this…

@anil_am22 Hey Anil, This is Rajesh here. There are 2 SR’s submitted on my case but I don’t see any of them in the case history. The first one was created on Oct 1, 2020 and the next one was on Dec 4, 2020. Both were obviously submitted by my attorney. They are related to a typographical error of DOB on my approved H1B Extension petiton.

looking forward to your response.

You should ask your attorney if any SR was really raised.

Usually, it shows up in USCIS case history but that’s not guaranteed too.

So, nobody cam say with 100% confidence about how and why USCIS does not update it for some cases.