Can I transfer W1 work permit to another employer?

I have W-1 work permit visa, currently I’m in India, my employer not providing any opportunity to work in Canada,shall I transfer my work permit to other employer?

The first thing to check is if you have an open or closed work permit.

If your work details, employer name, location are explicitly mentioned on your work permit, then it probably is a closed work permit. You are authorized to work for only that employer and for the duration mentioned.

An open work permit, will not carry such details and there are only limited conditions under which an open work permit can be gained. Read this link >>>

As to your original question, unfortunately, a closed work permit cannot be transferred to another employer.

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Personally I can travel to canada then search for other jobs using current visa.

You can travel to Canada, but if you have a closed work permit, then again no employer is going to give you a job. Unless they are ready to take the trouble of going through an LMIA.

Your best bet is to apply for PR, and then come here and work. Or wait for the day when your company sends you to Canada.

My work permit is Exemption from Labour Market Impact Assessment
And my spouse work permit is an open work permit, She can find opportunity from India using an open work permit to then transfer the visa to respective employer right?
Or is she can travel to Canada and then search for opportunity?

This is a very very tricky question, and I have no answer to this.

If your spouse has an Open Work Permit, then she does so, on the basis of your application. She was granted the OWP because you were expected to work in Canada, and as part of Canada’s family reunification policy, they want your wife to be with you and employed.

So not sure if she lands in Canada without you then she’ll be granted to work or not. I’ll ask around for an answer.

In your case, great to know your WP is LMIA-exempt. But it is still closed work permit, no?