Can I update my EOI in SkillSelect after getting pre-invited from Victoria for Sub-Class 190?

One of my friend just received a pre-invite from Victoria on 24th Aug. 2022 for subclass 190 (Offshore Candidate), Can he update his EOI in Skillselect after receiving his pre-invite? The change to be made in the EOI is regarding his employment. He changed his employer on 1st Sept. 2021 but in the EOI he didn’t mentioned his end date for this employer. He is still working in the same occupation for a different employer. There will be no change in the points though even after updating the EOI. Is it going to create any problem if he updates his EOI after getting this pre-invite?

If the points do not change, then, it may not cause a big problem.

hi @chakshu_000 i m in the same situation. did you updated the EOI , and got the nomination ?

hi @Antidote My friend is in process of submitting it. I will let you know the outcome.

Thanks i also made changes but no points change , hope for the best , please update with the outcome …

All the best! Sure, will do!

My friend got his invitation to apply for visa this morning! Hoping the best for you too!

hi thank you for the update , may i know when he has submitted the documents , i submitted mine on 31 Aug

He submitted on 30th Aug.

Hello, did your friend made the changes after preinvite and still got invited?
I am in the same boat. I forgot to put few nonrelevant work like restaurants and bar tending etc. I got the preinvite but I am unsure if i can update and add the details now, it wont affect my points.


I am in a similar situation. I did not add nonrelevant work in a bartending job. I got the pre-invite but I afraid if it will raise an issue if I update the ROI.

Can you please let me know if you made the changes to the EOI after preinvite and got your visa without any issue?

Hey , yes i got the nominations , and I have changed few places in my EOI after the pre invite
if your points are not changed by those new changes then it ok to change

i have changed ( my name , DOB , and degree name , and current designation )

Thank you very much for the reply.
Congratulation as well.