Can I use offer letter as employment verification letter for my new employer H1B visa?

Am currently in India for the past 2 years. My I-140 got approved with my previous employer on Aug 2020. I have a new job offer with a new US employer. They applied for new H1B based on I-140 approval and got it approved for 3 years. I have I797 approval notice for 3 years with this new employer. I don’t have any employment verification letter from this new employer as I have not yet joined or started working with them. They gave me an offer letter with my salary and work location details (benefits and everything) in the company letterhead. Can I show this offer letter as employment verification letter during my h1b visa dropbox or visa stamping?

Please let me know.


This should be okay.


I am in a similar situation. The offer letter provided by new employer in US mentions old start date (August 2021) and the petition got approved in October 2021 (I have not joined yet). I have requested them to provide new offer letter but it may not get updated by visa appointment date.

Can I carry the old offer letter along with approved I-797?