Can NAATI test be taken from India?

Hi Anil,
Can NAATI test be taken from India ? If yes where I can find the locations?


NAATI test can only be taken in Australia at this time.

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Thanks Anil. Can the test be booked from India ? I heard that this test is scheduled every 6 months? What is the exact test name which will help me claiming 5 points against community language. The test we want to taken an attempt is hindi-> english translation, is there a test like that ?

You should check the NAATi website to check these details. I am not aware of it. Sorry.

Hi Anil,

I want to information about NAATI test as i want to increase my points?

Currently i am in India. Could you please tell, how can i approach to NAATI test?


Hi @saurabhwalia21

Please read the above discussion.

You can take NAATI test only in australia, costs 800$, the earliest test date available is in july in perth and adelaide, though you cant select the date yourself it seems.

The result comes in 8-10 weeks. You get 5 points for it. You can appear for the test by getting a visitor visa and travelling to Australia for the test.