Can speeding ticket cause 221g? What to answer in DS 160 for arrest and conviction?

Kindly help here ,

· Is this true and Speeding ticket may cause to get 221g ? Even though I paid fine ($240) timely and there was no court/attorney was involved.

· In DS-160 , do I have to answer this below question as YES

“Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime , even though subject of pardon, amnesty or similar action ?”

Hi @Dinesh_M

Yes, it is true that speeding ticket may result in form 221g.

In DS160, the question is specifically asking about arrest. Were you arrested by police for this speeding ticket? if yes, then you should answer ‘yes’ and then explain.

Hi Amit …thanks much for quick response … as I mentioned I paid fine ($240) timely and there was no court/attorney was involved.

SO in DS 160 I need to choose YES still ? please help .


If there was not arrest, then you can answer ‘No’ to this question.

I see that you have asked DS 5535 form question on other page. Are you sure you are filling DS160 or DS5535?

On DS 5535, you should clearly mention your traffic ticket incident.

Sir, I was trying to know what (speeding ticket) caused to issued 221g … Next in 5535 they have not asked for any ticket information …just 15 year address and employer information with role and responsibility… Thanks much for you help .

Hi @Dinesh_M

Speeding ticket can be a reason for form 221g as well as DS-5535.
These days, anything can be a reason behind the delay.

Hi @anil_am22
Just wanted to confirm as the question says “arrested or convicted” and for a speeding ticket it is a conviction even though not an arrest. Can we still answer “No” if not arrested but convicted?
Thank You

You can answer ‘No’ as long as you were not arrested.