Can we have OFC and consulate interviews at different locations?

Hi Anil,
I have scheduled my H1 visa interviews OFC and consulate interview. My state of residency is from Telangana-Hyderabad. First available appointment for consulate interview is showing after April 2020 for Hyderabad location.

I have seen that even DS160 is Hyderabad location, I can select interview location for different city in India.

So I booked consulate interview for Chennai location On Feb 13th 2020, OFC appointment on Jan 22,2020 for Hyderabad location as it shows early dates.

  1. can we have OFC and consulate interviews at different locations ?

  2. My employer said it is better to have ofc and consulate interviews at one place. Is it better to reschedule OFC also at Chennai location?

  3. Also can we reschedule only consulate interview after OFC interview is over?

Could you please give your inputs.

If the system allowed you to have OFC in Hyderabad and Interview at Chennai, then it is off course possible to schedule it.

I also suggest to have both OFC fingerprinting and interview at same location.

I am not sure if you can change the OFC appointment or change interview location. I will share it on other groups to get an answer.

It can be done. I did OFC fingerprint in Kolkata and attended interview in Chennai without any issues. One suggestion is to give a few days in between. I gave it 5 days gap.

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Hi! It is totally possible to do that. In fact, I recently gave my OFC at Hyderabad and the interview in Chennai and got my passport back within 5 business days. The process was very smooth. Hyd has huge wait times so go ahead and book Chennai without any hesitation. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
In my case there is a gap of 20 days between fingerprints and interview.
I was not sure on the gap between the interviews when I was booking the appointment , just aware that at least one day is required. Since dates are available at Hyderabad location for fingerprints, I booked early date.
Is it better to change to have small gap between the interviews?

The gap does not make any difference.

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I also think the gap does not make much difference - it is not like they are shipping something physical. I guess anything more than a couple of days is good enough.

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My case is same as you. Did you select passport to pick-up? of delivery home?

I got OFC fingerprint in Hyderabad and interview in Chennai with 5 days gap but I didn’t change passport pickup location from Hyderabad to Chennai. Can I change it now for passport delivery/pickup for Chennai location?

You can change if usatraveldocs picks up your phone or reads your emails.

One of the person tried the same this week but his passport was sent to the previous location itself.

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Filled DS-160 for HYd location but got OFC and interview at Chennai location. Do I need to fill new DS-160 by selecting Chennai and how to chnage ds-160 ID (OR) Is it ok if I keep existing Ds-160?