Can we have two H1B amendment in progress?

I have approved H1b ( Till Sep 2021) with Client A and I moved to new location with client B on Sep 2019 and amendment case filed for same. Now one more amendment case is filed for same location and client as I promoted as Manager (material change).

At the moment we have two amendment cases in progress. I have below queries on same.

  1. Can we have two amendment in progress.

  2. What will be status of my H1-b (Now I have i-94 till Sep 2021) if relocation amendment is approved and role change amendment rejected or vice versa or both rejected.

  3. Can I re-apply new amendment based on approved H1-B, If something happened to current amendments.

Hi @h1bqueries

You can have multiple H1B amendment in progress.

If relocation amendment is denied, then you cannot work at your current location as it now stands denied. You will have to go back to your old location for which you have an approved H1B to keep yourself in legal H1B status.

You can apply new H1B amendment as long as you are in legal status.

Hi Anil , Thanks for looking in to my case and providing your inputs.

If my relocation amendment is approved and role change amendment denied.what about legal status as both are for same client and location only difference is role change.

You need to understand that at any particular point of time, you can only work as per the role and location mentioned in your APPROVED H1B.

So, if role based amendment is denied, then you can still work at same location (if that amendment was approved) but for only for the role that was approved.

Ok Anil. let me explain my scenario with more detail as my situation is bit complicated.

I’m working in client place from service base company.

Right now I have approval from client-A and due to project ramp-down I moved to different project with client-B in different location.

  1. 1st amendment was applied with role as Senior system analyst in LCA for client-B due to location and client change and after that I was promoted as a manager.
  2. Again they applied amendment with role as manager in LCA for same client.
  3. Now I received rfe for 1st amendment.They replied rfe and also mentioned saying I was promoted as manager( updated Receipt number during reply)

Possible outcomes :

  1. Both approved : No issues

  2. If 1st amendment is rejected and 2nd amendment is still in progress.
    What will happen to H1 b legal status( Already I have i-94 till sep2021 which was approved for different client-A and location) …

  3. If 1st amendment is approved and 2nd amendment case is not approved.
    Still my H1-B legal status is valid and do i need to apply amendment again?

In case (2), you can still continue at same location u til second amendment reaches a result.

In case (3), if first amendment is approved, then you will get a new i94 and hence can continue in the role and location mentioned in that application.

Thanks Anil. Your inputs make me little bit comfortable :slightly_smiling_face:

I missed one more out come.

  1. If both amendment not approved :Can I go back to current approved visa location for Client-A and again raise amendment for client-B.

Hi @h1bqueries

This was clearly answered earlier. Please save both your and my time.