Can we renew passport from India?

I know many threads about police verification are posted BUT my question is bit different.

I am living in Europe. I do not have any family or friends in Indian home town. It seems during passport renewal they will do police verification and need local contact to represent me. So I do not know what police will write. I am very afraid of what will happen. I have made many attempts to connect with people in my home town to help me but no one is cooperative.

So my questions:

  1. Can I travel back to India and renew passport from passport seva kendra in my home town? I can tell them I have a foreign residence and am coming to only do renewal of passport? I will have to use “current address” as my European address if I am honest. I will only manage police verification since I am there during renewal.

  2. If I do renewal from Europe itself, and police verification fails, will they at least return my passport back so that I can sell my house and properly take my family back to India utilizing “remaining” validity of my passport? Or will old passport also become cancelled the moment I apply for renewal? Btw Tatkal renewal option is also not possible in my Indian consulate so pre-police verification is must for me. I visited consulate and asked them twice.

please reply

Passport is just a travel document and not the only proof of your Indian citizenship.

I am unable to understand as to how you have absolutely no one in India who knows you?

You can certainly apply for passport renewal in India. They should be able to do it while you are in India but they will still need a reference from your place of residence in India.

So, you will again face the same problem.

In many cases, if you have an Indian address printed on the passport and you claim that it has not changed, they may not even do a police verification (if applied in India).

hi @anil_am22

I know people but they are not in my hometown (aadhar address and where police verification will happen is hometown). No one is willing to travel from city to my hometown to talk to the police. In hometown I know some neighbours but they are not very cooperative. At best if police comes and ask them they will respond. But what the police wants is for someone to take my ID and go to police station, “chai paani” stuff and then do verification. It also sucks that I have to send my unmasked aadhar copy to someone in India.

Long story short if I am in India I can get it done, but from outside its hard.

Are you sure I can go back for vacation and apply for passport from India? What “current address” should I use? foreign or Indian?