Can we restore an elapsed Canadian PR status?

Anil, is there a way we can restore an elapsed Canadian PR status?

Any suggestions?

As per CIC, even if you don’t meet the minimum residency criteria of living in Canada for at least 2 years out of 5 years, your PR status does not automatically lapse or become void.

For your PR status to change following things can happen:

  • A border control officer has to verify your status at a Port of Entry.
  • You were convicted of a crime
  • You officially renounced your PR status
  • Your status was revoked due to other reasons

So if your PR card has expired, and you were not in Canada to meet the residency requirements, then you’ll have to apply for a PR Travel Document (PRTD). Before issuing your PRTD, the visa officer will check if your PR status is valid. Even if your status is not valid, they may allow you to enter Canada, but will ask you to explain why your PR card was renewed, and under what circumstances you were living outside of Canada.

If you have valid reasons, like humanitarian grounds, then your PR status may be restored. If not, you’ll PR status will be revoked. Once officially revoked, you’ll have to apply in the Express Entry system all over again.

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I could not move to Canada after completing my landing. I got PR cards but did not live there to complete 3 yrs residency. And so could not renew it when expired.
In this case will it still be possible to renew?

PR cards cannot be renewed outside of Canada. So you’ll have to apply for a PR Travel Document (PRTD).

Once applied, you’ll get to know what your status is. If you did not meet the residency criteria, they’ll ask you to explain why.

Hope you have a solid reason to backup your explanation.

Let’s start here first.

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Thankyou Sandeep for the advice.
I will try to gather all the evidences. If my explanations do not meet their expectations, I read you said that the officials will cancel my PR and I have to start afresh.
Is my understanding correct?

In the event they cancel it, will it be very difficult to get an approval? How long will it take again?

As per my information, if the PR gets cancelled, you may have to go through the same invite and subsequent process. It will take the same amount of time that’s taking for other applications.

I waited few years , may be 4yrs to be precise.
But as I have not honored it by staying in the country, will it go against my reinstate request?
And hence has a higher chance of denial?

PR is given for 5 years. If you have only waited for 4 years, you can still go to Canada. Why do you think it has elapsed?

Anil, I waited for 4yrs for the approval , when I initially applied.
It’s now elapsed. I am asking about the chances of approval when i reapply now and the time it takes.

Ravi, if you are eligible, you can apply once again. But the cut-off scores have increased a lot. If your current score appears to exceed the cut-off, then you can expect a PR in about 7-9 months. If your score is below the cut-off, and are exploring PNP options, then expect 1-1.5 years for the PR to come through.

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Thankyou Sandeep.
Will check my scores again before exploring the option of re-applying. Appreciate your help and advice.