Can we work on Indian Payroll in Canada on Visitor Visa


I have moved to Canada on work permit in mid oct, 2021 along with my daughter. My husband got visitor visa through my company. We have applied for his open work permit from India itself on Sep 30, 2021. In India, he is working for an MNC that is headquartered in US and does have its presence in India and Canada. He is working for US client from India office. His client also has its presence in Canada. As processing time is more these days due to COVID, can he travel to Canada on visitor visa and continue to work for his employer and client on Indian Payroll?

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This should be ok if his employer is ok with remote working.

Thank you for the response.

Any idea what all documents will be required from employer for travelling to Canada in this case?

None if he is using visitor visa.

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Thank you so much, Kalpesh.