Canada Open Work Permit for US H1B visa holders

Hi @venka - thanks for your response. I did ensure there is no gap currently, is there possibly anything else which could be going wrong? can you pl. guide me. Have been trying since yesterday & I tried all the possible permutation combinations, including trying different browsers too. Your expertise could help a lot on this. tx

Make sure you do not have any gaps from graduation till this day.
You can sort the Work dates in asc or desc and make sure no gaps are there even for a month.
Other than this I did not do anything extra to proceed to the next step.

Thanks a tonne for your help, it is sorted.

I have a few questions if you can help answer-

  • I came to US on L2 visa which got transferred to H1B later last year. While I have approved I797 , it’s not stamped on my passport. Can I still apply? * Once the work permit comes (for me and my spouse) we can wait until we find a job to move, correct?
  • Also, if my spouse gets a job first, can he move without me in the beginning, if I’m the primary applicant ?

At this time, it is not clear if they will consider H1B i797 without the valid H1B visa stamp in the passport.

I am waiting to see a couple of approvals and can guide only then.

Once you or your spouse gets the work permit, it will be an individual work permit (I believe so) and anyone should be able to move independently unless they add any conditions on the work permit explicitly.

How to schedule a biometric appointment in US? anybody knows?

They will send the biometric letter with instructions.
Most USCIS biometric centers are used for Canada/UK and other country biometric as well.

Received the letter, it says make appointment with USCIS but I’m unable to find the information on how to schedule appointment. There is no provision in myUSCIS website also unable to reach a customer service representative for schedule appointment. In general, since USCIS automatically schedules their appointments I believe they haven’t provided an option to schedule biometric appointments from an individual (I might be wrong). I’m stuck on this from last 2 days.

You are going in a completely wrong direction.

myUSCIS is a US immigration website. They won’t help you make a biometric appointment for Canada.

The service centers that USCIS in the US uses for their biometrics double up as the biometric center for Canada. You need to follow the instructions on the Canadian immigration website to take the biometric appointment at those same centers.

Hello Anil, Can you elaborate little more … like website or phone numbers to book biometric appoints… I’m completely lost on how to book the biometrics appointment…

Link in Canada immigration site points to

Below is the content from biometric appointment letter…

What you need to do next:
You need to take this letter with you and go in person to any biometric collection service point to have your
fingerprints and photograph taken. Before you go, you need to make an appointment.
• If you are outside Canada or the United States, you may go to any Visa Application Centre (VAC) most
convenient to you.
• If you are in the United States, you may go to a United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS), Application Support Center (ASC) or a Visa Application Centre (VAC) located in the United States or its territories.

Hi @anil_am22 & expert team,

  1. In case someone doesn’t get selected for this open work permit visa, are there any repercussions? Also, how will this feature be in our record history for documentation purposes? not selected/ rejected?

  2. Any idea what are the criteria which will be considered for selection?

  3. How many approx. candidates have applied for this? It will be great to have your views & input on this. Thanks

Visit this page and then search for the biometric location near you.

Everything goes on record when you file anything with any government.

Criteria for selection are mentioned here.

Canadian immigration website says they have received 10k applications which is the maximum they intended to accept.

Thanks @anil_am22 . While trying to book biometrics appointment on the link based on my state in USA, I am continuously getting no appointments available. I randomly tried for other US states too, facing the same problem- no appointments available . Is there a way to contact the IRCC team or anyone who can help. Also, I am not sure if others in this group are also facing similar issues? It will be great to get your advice on this. Thanks,

I have heard it from many people about no available appointments.

There is no other way. You can request the extension of time to get this done but the situation will still remain the same.

Keep trying every morning to see if new slots open.

Thank you so much @anil_am22 . Will follow your advice.

Hi @anil_am22 - Incase if we get a biometrics appointment in any other center for now & later we see slots open up in our preferred center is there a possibility to change the center? It will be great to have your inputs on this. Tx

For many H1Bs who’ve already crossed 40 years of age waiting for GC how is this helpful. I’m unable to find any concrete answer about how many points will I get if I get 1-2 years for Canadian experience. Since 40+ folks are already losing so many points how can they compete against 28 year old with MS in USA and work exp.

Once you work in Canada, you will get about 35 extra points for 1-2 year slab.

If you can find a Canadian employer who can file LMIA for you, you will probably be able to get past the required threshold for PR points.

I applied for my entire family but only got one letter for Biometrics for myself. Is anyone else facing this same issue?