Canada Open Work Permit for US H1B visa holders

Were other family members needed biometrics?

I’m not sure about Canadian visa process but it seems logical that the entire family should need biometrics if they are coming to Canada for the first time. Any suggestions ?

Kids may not need the biometrics.

Did you select the correct option while filling the form? I think it asks whether the biometric is needed or not for an individual. They also provide a link to find if individual needs the biometric or not.

I had selected Group type as Family in my application and specified that each member will travel with me to Canada. After that, application did not ask for more biometrics information for other members of my family. The fees was also paid for just 1 person. I wonder if there was a bug in the application system causing this issue or was this intentional.

I think I might have made a mistake in my application. I might have selected family but did not create separate applications for each member. Is there a way to amend the applications to add my dependents now?

You cannot amend but apply for them separately.

Is there a link where the application process is explained? Where do i apply for my dependents?

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Can you suggest what would be the process for my spouse.

I did provide INFORMATION about my spouse IN THE INITIAL APPLICATION FORM but got nothing from Canada Immigration.

I GOT my passport for the work permit Stamped.

Can you suggest would be the next step to get the same for my spouse so they can enter Canada with me.

Hi @anil_am22 - Thanks to you & your team here for all your support. I had a QQ, once we receive the confirmation for passport submission, on VFS site, I was trying to book 2 way courrier. There is a step on the vfs portal where they are asking for application category - Out of these, which one to select - Original passport submission or Work permit or Temporary resident visa? There were more options too but they all seem to be relevant for H1B open work permit in Canada. Kindly let me know. tx

I have not got the chance to look that deep but the choice should be the ‘work permit’.

If you go to the same application portal, they should have the option to apply for dependent work permit.

I have not checked it yet.

Hi, Anil. I have a question regarding passport submission to VAC. Can we submit the passport in India VAC instead of US VAC within 30 days of getting the passport submission letter? Need to exit US in a weeks time. Thanks.

I am not sure if they will allow you to submit passport somewhere else.

Please check with their support.

For H1B Open work permit, my Biometrics was completed in mid of August, but I haven’t yet received any decision. And the application’s current status on IRCC website, just shows as Submitted. Is anyone else in the same boat? What is the next suggested step in regards to this, as the approval process appears to be quiet delayed?

Hi Anil. May I know if it is allowed to work for canada company remotely while on H1B and living in USA. I want to know if there would be any impact on H1B status

Well, most attorneys will advise against working for any company AND location AND job (irrespective of the physical location in world) except the H1B.

The law is not clear and hence most attorneys advise to NOT work for any company.

No, you cannot work for a Canadian company while physically present in the US using H1B visa.

Hi @anil_am22 - Hope you are doing well. I had a QQ, What happens if you have a open work permit for Canada but you havent entered Canada or stamped it yet? Is it necessary to have one stamping for Canada before that gets expired in 2025? What happens after the open work permit expires without/with stamping? Can you pl. share more on this. Tx

As per current rules, you should enter Canada and use the work permit.

There is no extension available once the work permit expires. They may think and provide options for extension later but nothing has been announced yet as per my information.

Hi Anil @anil_am22

My husband holds h1b Visa…Using this,he applied for open workpermit, got POE introduction letter…Following him, I applied for spousal open work permit(linking his application) & got my POE Introduction letter.

Assuming we get OWP at POE, I have few questions

Q1.My husband wants to work in USA…I alone planing to work in Canada.Once I get stabilized with my job in Canada, he will move later to Canada…Am I allowed to work to Cana while my husband(h1b visa holder) not working in Canada but working in US??

Q2:To get OWP stamped, can we Choose land border crossng points instead of Airports-as iit will be less expensive?

Q3:For my OWP get stamped,should my husband get his OWP stamped prior to me??