Canada PR- have US tourist visa interview scheduled


I completed my education in the US and worked on H1b for few years. I then moved to Canada mid last year as a PR. I was able to transfer the same role from US within the same company here in Canada. My US tourist visa interview is scheduled in April. As of today I am laid off and hence currently unemployed. My questions as below:

  1. Is it good idea to go for the interview as planned if still unemployed ?
  2. While I was in the US I owned a home which currently is rented . Could this be concern for Tourist visa approval?

Thanks in advance

What is the purpose of your B1/B2 visit? What have you mentioned or will speak in interview?

It depends on how the visa officer perceives your situation based on what you answer.

@anil_am22 - thanks for your response. Purpose is spending time with friends. That is all