Canada Visa Application from USA for H1b holder with expired H1B stamping but approved 797

My H1B stamping on Passport was till Aug 2020, though I have my 797 approved till 2023. Just that I haven’t been able to visit India to get my passport re-stamped. I need to apply for Canada Visitor visa, hence my question is whether the Canadian officer would need a non-expired H1B stamped on my passport or an approved 797 form is enough to show my legal stay in USA while applying for Canadian visitor visa from USA.

Thanks in advance.


I-797 will serve the purpose. A valid visa is required to enter the US however in your case you can use AVR to enter back to the US from Canada.

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Thanks a lot for such quick response. I am planning to get my H1B stamped actually in Canada. So, hopefully should have the H1B stamped till 2023 as well.