Canada Visitor Visa delay

I (H1B / Indian passport holder) applied for a Canada visitor visa from inside US on 24-Oct 2021, biometrics at a USCIS facility were completed on 17-Nov 2021. But the application has not moved since then. Status check messages have gone unanswered.
Anyone in the same situation? What are the processing times?


Hi, I’m planning to apply visitor visa. I’m also on H1B visa. I have a quick question if you can help please. Initially I came as a student.
Which option did you select in below listed question:
What is your status in your country or territory of residence? (required)

Should I select Foreign national or Worker?

Thank you.

Hi, Choose worker, which proves that you are US resident. Just foreign national may not be able to apply for visa from 3rd country.

Hi Sjgoel1,

Thank you so much for your help. Btw, have you had to upload/submit any “immigration proof”?


The H1B visa is the proof.