Canada Work Permit (Dependent) and H1B


I was wondering if anyone in the forum can comment on the below.

I am currently in the US on valid H1B (Stamp expired). My wifes employer is applying for a Canada Work Permit for her, so they are asking for my details to process dependent work permit for me.

Question - I wish to stay in the US for a few more months, but would prefer a CA visa to visit my wife and leverage automatic revalidation to get back in. Is it safe to get a CA dependent work permit visa if I wish to maintain my H1B and travel back-forth using Automatic Revalidation? Or should I specifically request for Canada Visitor visa?

Any help would be appreciated.

Either of the Canadian visa should be good… Visa is just a travel document and one doesn’t impact the other in case you have multiple visas from different countries.
While entering the US, CBP only looks at your I-797, old H1B visa stamp, passport and other supporting docs while doing AVR. They don’t care what Canadian visa you hold. Same applies for the Canadian CBP when you enter Canada.

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