Case status not updated even after rfe submission


I received rfe on June 19th and I submitted all the required documents on 19th August to my employer visa team, and as per them they submitted RFE response to USCIS on 12th September just before 89 days completion given by USCIS.

But in case status still showing rfe sent status only even after 1.5 months, status not changed to response received.

Please guide me on this. I checked with about this but they saying rfe response submitted on 12th sept only

Hi @Ambika_Kupendra

USCIS online case status updates are not reliable. It is possible that your RFE response has been received by USCIS but status is not updated online.

If your employer is saying that they sent the response, they must have sent it. You would have the proof of delivery.

Thanks for reply, my employer is won’t share about the proof of delivery of my rfe response, so just waiting

Hi Ambika_Kupendra,
Has you online USCIS case status hanged to"RFE Response Received"? .I recently submitted my I 140 RFE and it was signed and received by Texas USCIS on Jun 23rd its been 2 weeks still the status shows “RFE Sent”

Any pointers on this is highly appreciated