Case transferred from NBC to Columbus Field Office

Hello, here are my case details:

Priority date: Aug-11
Receipt Date (Texas): Sep 2021 (I-140, I-485, Medicals, I-765, I-131 (Concurrent Filing))
Biometric (self): Dec-21
Biometric (spouse): 22-Jan
Biometric (child) Mar-22
I-140 -EB2- India: March 2022 via Premium processing
Case Transfer to NBC: Apr-22
Case Transfer from NBC to Columbus, Ohio: May 5th, 2022

As per a chat with Emma on May 10th, the update was " the case is processing in the Columbus Field office" and " it is on its way there". It was sent on 05/04/2022 from NBC. “The earliest you can submit the question is Jan 20, 2023. At this time, you will need to continue waiting”.

I am not able to understand the next steps and timing for approval. Can someone help/guide me?

any update on your case yet? or are you still waiting

Yes. I am still waiting. Can you please guide me?

as per current trend from

you should hear something within 6 weeks

Thank you for your guidance. However, I am not able to understand the calculation/prediction that it will come within 6 weeks from the above link. which section are you referring to?

well, its not 100% accurate but from this site you can at least get some idea
so what i do is

  1. log on to your account on USCIS website in one tab of the browser
  2. open in another tab of browser

i have no idea who maintains this site and and where did it come from, but looks like its doing an API pull of last day processing from uscis website

  1. i look at section I-485 Snapshot in Last Day on Home tab of the website

  2. in this section they list by service center so look at your service center (even though your case is trasferred to NBC from Nebraska still look under nebraska
    eg. LIN_SC is for nebraska service center

  3. click on cases approved last day and then randomly click on actual receipt numbers approved → this will open that case in detailed timeline view on uscis website (because you have logged on using your credentials on uscis website in another tab)

  4. now you can get general idea when was the case transferred and when was it approved. and which dates are they processing based on ‘date of transfer to nbc’

So if i look today
they are processing cases that were transferred from Nebraska to NBC in march time frame and cases transferred from texas service center from april time frame

*this might not be accurate way but at least some way to analyze trend.


I am in a similar boat - my case was transferred to FO from NBC. Have you gotten any update yet?