CGI Federal - Wrong Passport Number

Hello, I’m in USA and booked the Visa slot for my H1B stamping at Delhi Consulate, I just noticed that My passport number is incorrect in the Appointment Confirmation (CGI Federal Website). Any idea how to update or to whom should I reach . Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Dinesh,

Can you please update how you corrected passport number? I am in the same situation.

How were you able to resolve this?

If they don’t do it, you can mention it to VFS team at the time of appointment. They will update the passport number in the profile.

I have my passport one number entered as wrong and made appointment with that profile. Is that a problem ?

After calling them, I was told that they have two accounts on my name which I created one while coming to USA few years ago (I totally forgot), and then I recently created another one,
So they suggested to delete the old one and to use with the new info, that way this issue solved.