CGI Profile Passport Number entered incorrect

Hi Anil and team,

I have entered my Passport one number incorrect and booked appointment with that. Noticed it now. Sent email to Customer care they said they cant edit/correct it. Can you please help me in this regard? Should i continue with the schedule appointment and inform this change at dropbox or it will be an issue?

Thank you for your reply in advance.

I suggest filling a new DS160 with the correct value. Then, take this DS160 to your dropbox appointment and share it with them.

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As @anil_am22 mentioned, carry new DS-160 to appointment and make sure that it has all accurate information incl. passport number. If your passport number is wrong in profile (doesn’t matter one number or all of it), get it corrected at the time of your appointment.

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Hey @shunmugaa_sundharam , any update on how it went on your end? I am in the same situation. All the details in Ds-160 and other documents are correct except this appointment letter. I called ustraveldocs and they asked me to inform the officials on the day of the appointment