Chance of getting 190 Visa with 70 points


I would like to know what are the chances of getting 190 Visa or Invitation to apply for PR with 70 points for ICT Business Analyst

If you are offshore, chances are nil with 70 points.
If you are onshore, it depends on each state’s criteria and whether your job code is in demand or not. But tbh, 190 criteria by states is like a black box; nobody knows how and when the states sends out invites and on which basis.

Hi, Pooja

I’m applying it from India and if it is difficult to get with 70 points should I apply for 491…??

You can. But as an ICT B. Analyst, what will you do in regional areas? It is difficult to get jobs in regional areas for this code. Weigh and search about your options. Or maybe consult a MARA Agent

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I am turning 33 year old in April and my husband in December in 2021.
What are our chances of getting aus pr in subclass 189? I am elec n telecom engineer and my husband is electronic engineer .
We can try for full marks in language ielts .
Work experience is not in same field due to we have our own business .

I would like to know what are the chances of getting 189 invitation on apply for PR with 75 points for MEP Quantity surveyor ?

Also do electronic and electronic and telecom engineer fall in same Anzco code for skill assessment of partner 10 point

Hello @negi,

I have filed EOI for 189 with 85 points and 190 with 90 points(NSW,VIC,SA).

Can you pleas tell what are my chances for invitation till October-2022?

I am offshore candidate and I have filled under category 261313.

Seeing Covid 19 striking our lives from nowhere, I would say Oct 2022 is very futuristic. Not even a MARA agent will be able to give you a timeline as to when you will get your 189/190 invite. Being offshore, your chances are reduced as DHA is having a very small invitation round since the last few months and is targeted for Healthcare occupations. States aren’t inviting offshore applicants for now and no idea when they will resume that. So, its just waiting time for you. Wish you luck!

Thanks @negi

Lets hope for the best.

Hello @negi
Any idea on this

If your spouse has ANZSCO code in the same occupation list as you and has a positive assessment along with a competent English score, you will get 10 points.