Chance of invite 261312 - developer programmer - NSW 190 visa


EOI date: Aug-2020. Onshore application, NSW

I have 85 points now, it will be 90 (1 year experience) by end of feb 2021.

So, from march, my EOI will have 90 points for 189, 95 points for 190 visa and date of effect will be 28, Feb 2021.

Let’s discuss, are there any chances of getting 190 invitation in coming months?

Thanks in advance

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I am in exactly the same position as you. I currently have 90 points for a 190 visa, not sure how much of a chance we have for an invitation.

Me too . in a similar situation. Offshore applicant with 85 points for 189 /90 for 190.
Do let us know if either of you gets an invite