Chance of Invite Australia PR 2021 - 190 state - EOI July

I have 95 (90+ 5) points.
I am a software engineer and I am present in Australia.
What are my chances to get a PR ?

An update:
My current AUS visa will be expiring in 2022 April(I am a bit worried now). I am still onshore. Should I wait for 190/189 invite? Or just apply for 491 QLD? I applied for 189 EOI in April 2021, still waiting for an invitation. I will be applying for 190 EOI this August when QLD opens its portal. For 190 I have 100 points, whereas for 189 I have 95.

You should have good chance of invite with 95/100 points.

An update:
QLD has opened its 190 Category yesterday, and i have submitted my EOI with 100 points. But the point of contention is that they have only given 50 places to software engineer ANZCO.I am a bit worried about this. Should I apply for 491 as i can shift to Gold Coast ?

I would suggest applying in other streams as well and not solely relying on 190.

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Another Update:
I have seen 2 people who posted online saying that they have got the pre-invites for software engineer QLD 190. Most of them have the points in the range of 90 to 95 with SS. They had applied on 26 October 2021. I have 100 points with SS (onshore still till my visa expires in April 2022), and I also applied on the same date as them, but I am still waiting. Can you please shed some light on how the immigration department is processing the applications currently, or how do they do it generally ?

Hi Gaurav,
Have you recieved any invite till date?