Chance of invite for 189 visa for Software Engineering with 70 points


I have applied for software engineering (261313) on August 15th 2018 with 70 points for 189 visa. But as of March 2019, the minimum points needed for Software engineering is around 75 points. Is this new regulation applied only for the new applications or does it affect the past applications as well ? When can I expect my invite to be received ?

With the new regulation coming up in July 2019, the chances for software engineer with 70 points will definitely go down.

I strongly suggest to increase your points to at-least 75 to have any chance of invite.

Before today, we were estimating the invite to be received within 7-8 months with 70 points but now, the chances are even lower or wait time would be more than 1 year starting July 2019.

May I ask you the details of new regulations coming up in July 2019 will it effect all the occupations
With 70 it’s not possible a nurse to be invited

Hi @Sandri
The details and answers to your questions are given in the linked article.

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All non pro Rata occupations also will effect what the meaning of non Prorata? I understand it is normally less applications than requierd ?

Hi @Sandri

I have explained Australia Pro-rata occupation meaning here. Please check.

Hi Anil
Registerd nurse 2544 is coming under non Prorata right?As I know non Prorata have only 40 % quota

As per current situation due to 42 percent less invites in future what are the chances for 2544 with 70 points I mean in non Prorata

The chances will reduce if the new quota is implemented for pro-rata occupations.

I can estimate only when the new quota is available in July 2019. At this time, we do not have enough data to estimate.

Chance of invite for software engineer 261313 with 75 point applied in July 2019 under 190 subclass visa

Hi @OlgaAnto

I do not have data for 190 subclass as states do not share it. Sorry.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Hi Anil,

I have submitted my EOI (Subclass 189) with 75 points in September 2019 for 261313 Job Code. With new changes coming in November, my points will increase by 5 and it would then be 80. Are there any chance of invite and by when can i expect?


Hi @Somya_P

You will have good chance of invite after Nov changes.

How do one determine Job code? My current profile is kind of matching with soft eng. Is it possible one can have multiple job code?

Also with November rule changes, does spouse has to have same code to qualify for 10 points?

Hi @NikR

You can only choose one Job code.

Check spouse points criteria here.

Spouse has Positive Skill Assessment and competent English 10 points…

To qualify for above 10 points, do spouse anzsco code needs to match with applicant?

Hi Anil,
I have submitted EOI for Software engineer with ANZSCO code 261313 on 16th October 2019.
Currently, for 189 visa my points are 70 and for 190 visa, my points are 75(NSW and Victoria). After 16 november, i will get 5 points of my spouse(competent english). and on 1st march 2020, i will get 5 points more of my experience. then my total points would be 80 and for state 190 visa(NSW and Victoria), it would be 85.

Could you please let me know, What are my chances to get 189 and 190 visa?


Hi @saurabhwalia21

You will have good chance of invite with 80/85 points. Chances of invite with anything lower are low.

Hi Anil.gupta,

I am a software engineer and got my skill assessment done. My wife is a primary school teacher. She has given PTE and scored 65+ in each module. So after november i will get 5 points because she has 65+ in PTE.
My question is " if get her skill assessment done then will i get 5 points extra". Please note she is a primary school teacher and i am a software engineer(261313).

Saurabh walia

Hi @saurabhwalia21

As per current information, the spouse job code should be in the same occupation list as the primary to claim points for spouse.