Chance of invite for ICT project manager with 80 points for 190 visa


I have 80 points inclusive of 5 points from state sponsorship and have applied for ICT project manager.(190) What are the chances of receiving an invite from both NSW and Victoria states ? How soon can we expect an invite. Could you also share when was the last invitation sent for ICT PM and what was the cut off score.

Hi @Sujibulusu

States do not share invite data. You have good. Chance of invitation by December 2019.

Hi @Sujibulusu When did you file for your EOI, i am likely to be in a similar bucket with 75 points in a month or so. Do post on when you do get an invite would give some indication for me as well.

Sure!! We filed our EOI in Aug, wait is on…

Hello @Sujibulusu Su,
May I know if you have received any further info regarding your EOI? I am also in same boat as yours :slight_smile:
Also, in your EOI, have you selected any specific state (VIC or NSW) for your nomination? or have you selected Any State?

No , still waiting. Selected both states.

Nothing as of now. Selected both states.

If there will be changes this March or July with ICT Proj Manager skill. What will be the impact it might affect our existing EOI’s. Any idea guys?

What changes can we expect in March? Does any one know?

Hi @Sujibulusu

Did you receive any invite already for ICT PM? I also filed EOI this month for both NSW and VIC and hoping to get an invitation for subclass 491 and 190.

Do you know when was the last time they had ICT PM 135112 invited?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sujibulusu did you receive any invite for ICT PM?

Hi @prkkkk did you receive invitation for ICT PM?