Chance of invite for Production Engineer Occupation ID 2335 with 75 points


Last month, I have lodged Application for 189 visa for Production Engineer Occupation ID 2335 with 75 points, What can be expected time frame for Invitation to Apply.


You can expect an invitation within 2-3 months for Production Engineer Occupation ID 2335 with 75 points.

Skill Code 233513 Plant or Production Engineer.
I have 75 points right now I filed my EOI on 29th August 2019.
I will apply for 5 extra points of spouse competent English in November.
Whats the probability of getting a 189 invite and when?
Do you recommend to opt for 190 if open for my skill for any state?

Hi @amar_deep_yadav

At this time, it is really difficult to estimate the invite due to extremely low number of invites being sent.

I suggest to keep the 190 option open as that will improve your chances.

Hi Anil,

The ceiling for 2335 in 2019-20 is 1600. There were 47 invites in July when the cutoff was 80 and 9 invites in August with cutoff 85. In September it is estimated that again cutoff was 85 or 90 so i guess the invites would be around 10.

This means they still have more than 1500 vacancies for the 2335.

Keeping in mind the assumption that invites will be low till November means the cutoff will remain around 85 and invites will be less than 50 for 2335. That still leaves 1400 places to be filled from December to June.

And assuming that around 30% guys are single and are gonna get 10 marks and the rest partners skill and competent English is not gonna make a much of a difference in the cutoff for the following year.

Do you agree with my forecast that the cutoff will go around 75 in the month of January to march to accommodate the remaining seats? I don’t know if i am being too much optimistic about the case but if they want to fill all the seats the cutoff will have to dip once or twice to 75.

Am i missing something? What do you say?
Also which state can offer state nomination for 2335 in near future as per your experience.
Thanks in advance

Hi @amar_deep_yadav

There is no guarantee that the total number of available slots will be filled by invites. It is possible that they never invite to fill all the available slots.

At this time and with current trend, it does look like the cut off will remain high and 75 pointers may have a chance in Mar if total number of invites are increased starting December.

Hi Amar,

What is your EOI status now ? You received invite ?

I am also under same occupation category. I have 85 points now. So would like to know the chances.

Please share your thought.

Thank you.