Chance of invite for Software Tester-261314 with 80 points

What are the chances of invite for Software Tester-261314 with 75 points in Subclass189, and 80 points in Victoria for Subclass 190 and 85 points for Subclass 489.


I would suggest to go with Software Engineer - 261313, if you have automation experience. Chances of getting invite for state nomination with 80 points and then invitation are high.

I personally got state nomination (NSW) invitation within two weeks of submitting EOI and another two weeks to for nomination approval, followed by invitation from Skill Select.

Thank you for the suggestion. Are you saying chances for Software tester is less with 80 points too ?

Hello friend,
When did you applied for NSW? Can you please share your timeline for the process…

Thank you

Hi Anil,

Please can you provide your feedback on this ?

Hi Anil,

I have applied for 190 visa NSW with 80 points as Software Tester. How much time will required to get an EOI ?

Hi @nav_08

I do not have any estimation for state invites. They can send invite anytime they want. 80 is a good score.

Hi Anil,

Are you 100% sure that 80 will get invite for 189 (offshore) ?

Unless and until the number of invites are increased to more than 1000 for atleast 3-4 months, 80 dont have a chance .