Chance of Invite - Non Pro Rata Occupation - 189 and NSW 190

Hello! I’ve submitted my EOI for 189 on 22. Jan. 2019, and NSW 190 State Nomination on 24. March. 2019. My occupation is 241111 Early Childhood Teacher. I have 70 points for 189, and if I can get state nomination I’ll have 70 + (5).

Could you please give me your opinions on whether I might get an invitation and when?

I cannot increase my points anymore; I’ve already passed CCL and have 20 points for English.

Thank you.

At this time, 189 invites are being sent for 75 points. You may get an invite after a wait of about 3-4 months based on how new draw’s results go.

Thank you so much for the reply; do you think I might get an earlier invite from NSW, as I’ve also submitted an EOI for NSW 190?

Chances are good for a state invite but is not guaranteed.

I see; thank you! I really appreciate it.

Hi @anil_am22 ,

Need your suggestion and opinion regarding my partner’s skill assessment to claim full 10 points for the SC190 application . I have a positive skill assessment for myself for the code - 261314 (Software Tester) and I will be the main applicant. My wife is a Bachelor of Arts (3 years) + Bachelor of Education (1 year) from India with 2 years experience in a school teaching Kindergarten children.

I wish to know, if we can claim extra points by getting her skills assessed for the code 241111 (Early Childhood Teacher). I have some doubts regarding the occupations, as my occupation (261314) is on SOL, but 241111 is on MLTSSL.

You can use this calculator to find if your spouse van contribute points to your EOI.