Chance of invite System Analyst 261112, 75 points

Hello Anil.

What are the chances of invite for System Analyst 261112 with 75 points for 190 visa. Thank you

At this time, chances are low for invite with 75 points for System Analyst 261112.

So by when can we expect the invitation

I cannot estimate anything at this time. Will have something to say starting July 2019 when new quota is made available.

Hello Anil,

I have 70 points for System Analyst 261112 and I have applied for 190 EOIs for NSW and VIC (75 points, including state sponsorship). What are the chances of getting invite in either 189 or 190?

Also, I have my biological sister settled in Adelaide. Is there a way I can add some points on her recommendation so that my score increases. If yes, how.

Thanks in advance.

There are no points for family sponsorship in 189 or 190 visa.

I do not have an estimate for System Analyst 261112 at this time. Will suggest something after July 2019 draw.

Hello Anil,

My husband just updated today the new PTE score and now we have 80 points for 189 and 85 for 190 (NSW and Victoria) for job code 261112. When can we expect our invitation as per your estimate.

Hi @Nadira_Mazgaonkar

You can expect 189 invite in July 2019 draw for 261112 with 80 points as per my estimation.

Thank you for your reply. We would also like to know that PCC is required only for primary applicant or for spouse as well.

Hi @Nadira_Mazgaonkar

PCC is required for each adult member in the application separately.

Thank you for the update. We would like to know if you can share your views on which state has better opportunities for IT jobs; NSW or Victoria.

Hi @Nadira_Mazgaonkar

The job opportunity varies by your job profile. There are more IT jobs in Sydney than Melbourne.

Hello Anil,

Unfortunately we didn’t got the invite in the July draw. Post today’s results once you check them can you try and estimate our chances of getting an invite and in which month.
Our date of effect is 1st July 2019, for 261112 with 80 points for 189.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nadira_Mazgaonkar

I will wait for the official July results to come out before i can give any meaningful estimates.

Hello Anil,

With the cut-offs being officially declared, could you please let me know based on your experience when can we expect invitation. As the cut-off dates are quite confusing for me to understand and estimate.


Hi @Nadira_Mazgaonkar

My estimate is you may yet a 189 invite for 261112 with 80 points by November 2019.

Greetings Anil,

Can you advise on chances / tentative timelines for 189 invite with 75 points ?

If 189 is not an option how about 190. I meet the additional criteria - staying and working in NSW since 2016.

ANZSCO - Systems analyst 261112
Engligh - Superior
Partner points - 5 (English competency)
Effective date - 16 November.


Hi @rmk

You have good chance of invite with NSW.

Chances of invite are low with 75 points in 189 category.

Thanks for your response Anil.

I have 85 points for 189 and 90 in 190. Please suggest the chances of invite for job code 261112 system analyst.