Chance of Invite with 90 points (189) Electronics Engineer 233411

I boosted my points to 90 a week ago. But i see that generally only few invitations are being sent for electronics engineer in previous rounds.
I don’t expect getting an invitation until after 1~1.5 years, but I’m worried that I won’t be getting invitation before the EOI expires in 24 months.

How big is the chance to get an invitation for visa 189 with 90 points for this Electronics Engineer 233411? I’m just worried that I would be spending 2 years of waiting for nothing.

I’m an offshore applicant. Does onshore applicant have higher chance?
I may also try to look for jobs and hope an employer would sponsor me a working visa. Although it’s very difficult especially during this pandemic, it seems to be better than just waiting.


DHA or states will hardly give any Offshore invites for 189/190. The exceptions might be for healthcare professionals though. As per your expectation, yes you might not receive an invite by this year end or may be after that too.
Also, you dont have to worry about your EOI expiry. You can always create another EOI and submit it after this one expires.

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Thank you.
But if I resubmit another EOI after this one expires, will it mean that I will be placed in the last place of the queue again with others that have same points as mine (count the date of when I resubmit)? Or I will still in the same place of the queue as long as there is no change to my EOI (count the date of when I reached 90 points)?


NOO. Once you create a new EOI, the date of effect will be changes.