Chances of invite - 233213 - Quantity Surveyor in 190 QLD or VIC

What are the chances of getting invited for the anzco code 233213 Quantity surveyor to apply with 70 points ( 65+ state nomination 5 ) for 190 visa in QLD or any states?
is there any chance of getting invited?
if so …approximately when i can expect ?
any idea about when QLD states giving state nomination?
Age 30
Edu 15
Exp 10
Partner 10
Ielts 0
I will loose 5 points in age from 9th Jan 2020…
As per your advise when will be the right time to submit eoi?

Hi @binol_bibin

Chances of invite for state varies based on the state’s requirement for that job code. I do not have any state data as they do not share it publicly. Sorry.

Thank you Anil.
What about 189 visa. Any chances to get invited with 65 points?

No chance of invite with 65 points in 189 category based on current trend.

Ok Anil thanks…
Actually I am confused with 2 options
should I apply for state nomination with 65 points
Should I improve language score and apply for 190 in any state…
Can you suggest based on your experience.?

It is always better to improve the score to improve chance of invite in both 190 and 189.

Hi Anil!
You’re doing a very good job in helping people like myself. I have already paid an agency to apply for 189 and 190 on my behalf.

Age: 27 (30 points)
Degree: Bsc. Physical Science from DU + Msc. Applied Geotechnics from University of Exeter, U.K. (15 points)
IELTS: 7.5 (10 points)
Work Exp: 3+ years (5 points)
Single (10 points)
Sub-class 190: (5 points)

I’m working as geotechnical engineer in Delhi. What are my chances for 189 and 190 sub-class. I have no option but to apply since I have already paid to the agent… Also, is being single after November 16th going to give me 10 points as I wrote above?

I have no-one to guide me and hence would really appreciate your help.

Thanks a ton!
Gunjan Gandhi

Not sure why your agent is not guiding you if you have already paid them.

You should be able to get extra 10 points for being single.

The thing is these people spoiled my brother’s case of study visa to canada by filling misrepresenting information in his visa application without running through us before submitting.

So now, his case is spoiled and I’m very scared about mine.
So since my process is just about to start, I’d very very obliged if I could run my application through you at every stage so I have at least someone who could guide me correctly.

I won’t take much of your time but I’d really really appreciate your help in this.
Should you consider it, we can exchange emails. I’d be very thankful to you for this Anil.

Hi @Gunjan_Gandhi

If you want private paid consultation to verify your application documents, you can send an email to contact [@]

Someone will help you.

Note that private consultation is not free.

Could you send me your email ID so I can email you directly please? I most importantly need a one-on-one check on my “skills assessment” as I have not seen or met anyone applying for a “GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER” job before so it would be very useful for me if someone could give me a surety that I can secure a PR with this.

Sorry, I don’t share my email publicly. The email ID I have earlier is the only option.

Nobody can give any surety of invite. If anyone is giving it, they are definitely bluffing with you and you should stay away from them.

Which email ID did you send? Can you send again? Its jus says contact @ Should I send it as a query on your website?