Chances of invite with 85 points for 491 visa - Tasmania

Hi Anil,
I have lodged my application with 85 points for 491 visa Tasmania. My code is 2335.
May I know the chances of invitation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vaeijaeyaenti_raeo

85 is a good score for invite but timeline cannot be estimated.

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Hi Anil,/ Vaeijaeyaenti

I guess to apply for 491 in Tasmania you need to have a offer letter from some Company from Tasmania? Is my understanding correct? I am in India and heard from an agent that we need to have an offer letter first in order to apply under 491 Visa for regional.


Thank you for the Quick Reply @Anil.Gupta.
So before getting Invitation do i need to get Pre-Invite from Tasmania first??

Yes, each state first sends a pre-invite.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

I am totally confused could you please clarify my doubt. I have lodged 491 Skilled work Regional Provisional EOI with 85 points including regional points (15) for Tasmania. My doubt is that after lodging EOI application, do we need to Apply for state nomination of Tasmania for getting Pre-Invite or simply we need to lodge EOI and wait for picking up.

You need to wait for pre-invite. I don’t think there is any other separate process for Tasmania. You just have to select Tasmania in your EOI.

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