Change in ANZSCO code for ACS assessment

Hi All,
Hope you are doing well and Happy New Year.
I am writing to request you to guide or provide some information on ACS skill assessment.
I have received an ACS result back in 2017 on ANZSCO code 262113: Systems Administrator which is also expired in 2019. During this assessment ACS have deducted 4 years and employment after December 2017 was given valid for 261311.
Currently I am working in role of analyst programmer ( 261311: Analyst Programmer) from 2018 to till date which is almost 4 years of experience.
Now If I apply for my skill assessment in new analyst programmer code how many points I will receive for my new experience or how many years will ACS consider ? or is it better to redo skill assessment in old system admin code again and claim 10 points from 2017 to 2021?
Thank you in advance.

@anil_am22 please check this and reply , thank you in advance

They will try and match the total qork experience against the current ANZSCO that you choose.

If the old experience matches with the new one (approximately 65%), then, they might consider it. Otherwise, they will not count the old work experience as ‘relevant’.

@anil_am22 thank you for the response.

Is it good Idea to go with system admin only for acs renewal with sysadmin RnR and claim 10 points for work experience ? I know Sysadmin is not in general skilled migration but this is where my concern is if I go with other codes my experience points will go for a toss !!


I can’t really suggest with choosing the ANZSCO code. You will have to take that decision.