Change in ANZSCO code for ACS assessment

Hi Anil ,

I have applied for an ACS assessment for ICT Security Specialist (ANZSCO 262112)… After 3 months, I got an email from the ACS assessment team that my skills assessment has been assessed as NOT closely related to the nominated ANZSCO code.

The assessor has made a recommendation that your application is suitable for the following ANZSCO codes: 262111 (Database Administrator)

I have about 15 years of experience in the IT field with Security specialist , Database admin experience. I do not know why they out-rightly reject the applied code.

If I request to consider ICT Security Specialist (ANZSCO 262112) for my skill assessment, Will they reject my application or Do they reduce my experience for ICT Security Specialist role?

If they reject my application, Can I file my application as an ICT Security Specialist (ANZSCO 262112) one more time by modifying resume, reference letter? Will they accept or Do they reject again as they recommended for Database admin role for my previous application?

Please advice me.

Thanks you.

Karthik Manoharan

They rely on the roles and responsibilities you mentioned in your submitted supporting letters and the functions defined by the Australian government’s ANZSCO code.

Ideally, the roles should match about 65% with the ANZCO code pre-defined criteria to be relevant.
If they rejected it, that means that it did not match.

So, if you apply again, they might reject again. If you change the content of your letters, they may or may not match again.